The moment that Western men lay eyes on Venezuelan women, they almost immediately wish one of them for themselves. Indeed, this is very understandable. These Venezuelan women have won multiple pageant contests multiple times. These women are also known for being popular and “well connected” at the workplace. This last trait is not only attractive to men from other countries, but to us too. Why?

For starters, many women here live in very humble conditions. As a consequence, both husband and wife have to be very careful when dating, because the social stigma against “imperfection” is very large. There are very few Venezuelan women who have never been married before. Furthermore, these marriages are arranged by the families in many cases. So, once you decide to enter into a Venezuelan wedding, there is no question of finding a “perfect mate.” Unfortunately, this does not mean that all Venezuelan women are worthless.

Characteristics of Venezuelan Women

In fact, the majority of Venezuelan brides are extremely cultured and intelligent. They do not believe in arranged marriage in any way. And there are a number of reasons why they prefer to get married abroad to begin with.

The most obvious reason is that it allows them to experience cultures other than our own.

Some other reasons why some women prefer to marry foreign men are the following: First, many of the women are already married, and this is usually not a problem. Second, they have more access to money due to their stable jobs. Third, many of these beautiful Venezuelan girls are available for just about any man. Fourth, these girls are willing to live in a different country, where they will probably be treated better. And fifth, these girls can also expect to be treated as queens.

The sad reality, however, is that there are a substantial number of sadistic men out there who are eager to prey on Venezuelan girls. They target those who are desperate to find a husband. These sadists will not hesitate to kidnap them, force them to work for little or no pay, rape them, and then force them to leave their husbands. Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect yourself from these heartless criminals. But before we get into that, let’s quickly examine the reasons why foreign men are so attracted to these Venezuelan women in the first place.

  • To start, it should be noted that the overwhelming majority of Venezuelan women are educated. This means that they are already successful in their careers and have the means to support themselves financially once they get married. This makes it very difficult for someone who comes from a poor background to enter the realm of success and marriage without becoming corrupted by the means of money.
  • Secondly, we all know that Venezuelan girls tend to dress nicely for the occasion. That includes their attire on a date! When a foreign man is looking to marry a Venezuelan woman, he knows that she has access to the best clothes and accessories in the market. This fact alone draws many foreign men to her because she can make him feel like a king, especially if he gives her the time of his life and accepts her family’s traditions. And, since most Venezuelan women will only marry men who have large bank accounts, this fact becomes an even greater attraction to those men who understand that they cannot expect to buy the houses and cars of ordinary citizens simply because they lack the money to buy them.
  • Most importantly, it must also be noted that many Venezuelan women are strong and unafraid. For many of them, marriage means standing up for what you believe in. This may sound contradictory given that modern day Western society has branded them as run down, weak and desperate females but the reality is that these women put their husband’s feelings on the backburner and protect him from the possibility of a divorce because they do not see themselves as weaker than him. Many of them are also uneducated and yet manage to hold down a steady job. This, again, proves the fact that the culture gap between the Venezuelan women and western women is wide enough for them to find success in both careers and marriages. In short, many Venezuelans have managed to break the glass ceiling of Western society.

How To Find A Venezuelan Bride?

There are many marriages going on in the country of Venezuela. One very famous marriage in this country happened to a rather unlikely couple: a lady who worked as a cashier and a man who was an engineer. The man had always wanted to marry a lady who is a pilot because he really likes to fly but could not risk his life in a plane. So one day, he managed to change his mind by taking a look at a photograph of a beautiful young lady who was working as a receptionist in a store.

Because she loved what she saw, he changed his mind to consider her and to make a trip to Venezuela to look for a suitable Venezuelan bride. He spent some time in her local and then, before his marriage, she managed to get him a job as an engineer.

As luck would have it, the woman was Venezuelan and they immediately fell in love. And they married.

But the relationship between these two very different men did not last long. One day, the man was not there and when he came back, he told his wife that he already had another wife. Thinking about his previous experience in finding a match, the new wife decided to look for a Venezuelan mail order brides. But she was dismayed to discover that all the local women there had been taken away by their husbands!

Where To Find A Venezuelan Bride?

The whole thing turned out to be quite a nightmare for the woman because there were so many disadvantages involved in this kind of marriage. She only hoped that the man she was involved with was still loyal to her. She made three attempts to actually get a foreign man to propose to her, but the foreign men always made it clear that they were not interested in her because she was not only from a different country but also had a different culture.

So this is why there are no more Venezuelan brides for sale on the Internet anymore. With the Internet, foreigners have no more reason to stay in a country where they would have to be physically present. It’s not as if the life in Venezuela is really that much different from the life of the average Western woman. Life in general for the average Western woman is hard enough without having to put up with being married to some hippy guy who comes from another country and then taking care of his family as well.

That is why there are so many foreign men now settling down permanently in Venezuela as they want a better life for themselves and their families. And with that, there are now no more Venezuelan brides for sale online or otherwise. This is probably for the best since it means that there are no more ugly and desperate ladies trying to find their Prince Charming from those bogus Venezuelan beauty pageants.

Apparently, the United States Federal Government has learned from its mistakes made in the past when it allowed in certain South American Countries such as Argentina and Venezuela, to which are known for their exotic beauty pageants. Apparently, the US failed to recognize the difference between “real” Venezuelan women and the “phony” Venezuelan mail order brides. And apparently, this led the US to ban their participation in their regional beauty pageants and the Miss Universe Beauty Pageants as well.

Final Thoughts

Of course, we know now that the US government did not like these foreign women marrying “American citizens” and wanted to banish them forever from the society. So they did just that by banning the foreign women from traveling to these Latin countries, which means that they cannot visit their own country any longer. And, worse, they cannot even travel within their own country to get married to a citizen of their own country. Looks like the United States was getting a little desperate, but at least they are leaving Latin countries and their women alone now. I hope this helps you realize that you too could become a Venezuelan bride if you really want to.

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